Bettini A. lntroduction to Elementary Particle Physics. 2008. (pdf 3.4 МБ)
The Standard Model is the theory of the elementary building blocks of matter and of their forces. It is the most comprehensive physical theory ever developed, and has been experimentally tested with high accuracy. This textbook conveys the basic elements of the Standard Model using elementary concepts, without theoretical rigour. While most texts on this subject emphasise theoretical aspects, this textbook contains examples of basic experiments, before going into the theory. This allows readers to see how measurements and theory interplay in the development of physics. The author examines leptons, hadrons and quarks, before presenting the dynamics and surprising properties of the charges of the different forces. The textbook concludes with a brief discussion on the recent discoveries in physics beyond the Standard Model, and its connections with cosmology. Quantitative examples are given throughout the book, and the reader is guided through the necessary calculations. Each chapter ends in exercises so readers can test their understanding of the material. Solutions to some problems are included in the book, and complete solutions are available to instructors at 9780521880213. This textbook is suitable for advanced undergraduate students and graduate students.

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