Европейская школа по Физике высоких энергий (ESHEP-2019)


Roger Barlow
    Practical Statistics

 Lecture 1: The Basics

  • What is it?
  • Frequentist Probability
  • Conditional Probability and Bayes’ Theorem
  • Bayesian Probability

Probability distributions and their properties

  • Expectation Values
  • Binomial, Poisson and Gaussian

Hypothesis testing

 Lecture 2: Estimation and Errors

  • Bias
  • Efficiency
  • Maximum Likelihood Estimation
  • Least squares
  • Straight line fits
  • Fitting Histograms

  • Errors from Likelihood
  • Asymmetric Errors
  • Systematic Errors

Lecture 3: Setting Limits and making discoveries

Goodness of Fit
  • p−values
  • The χ2 distribution
  • Wilks’ Theorerm
  • Toy Monte Carlos and Likelihood for Goodness of Fit
Upper Limits
  • Frequentist Confidence
  • Confidence Belts
  • Coverage
  • Bayesian Intervals
  • Feldman-Cousins
  • CLS

Making a Discovery

  • Sigma language
  • The Look Elsewhere Effect
  • Blind Analysis


Alexander Bednyakov
    Field Theory and the E-W Standard Model

Lecture I

  • What is the Standard Model?
  •  Introducing Quantum Fields
  • Interactions and Perturbation Theory
  •  Renormalizable or Non-Renormalizable?

Lecture II

  • An Ode to Symmetry
  • Global Symmetries (and Conserved Quantities)
  • Local Symmetries (and Gauge interactions)
  • From Fermi Model to EW theory

Lecture III

  • Finalizing the EW SM (a bit of Higgsing)
  • Features” of the SM
  • Experimental tests of the EW
  • SM Issues and Prospects of the EW SM

Jamie Boyd
    LHC Run-2 and Future Prospects

Brief discussion on LHC
Highlights from LHC results in Run-2, and future prospects

  • Mostly ATLAS/CMS but also LHCb
  • Will not show heavy ion results, so ALICE not covered
  • Try to show the diversity of LHC physics and the versatility of the LHC and detectors
  • Try to mention various experimental innovations where relevant

Jo van den Brand
     Special Lecture on Gravitational Waves 

John Ellis
   Higgs Physics

Lecture I
Lecture II

Concha Gonzalez-Garcia
 Neutrino Physics 

Lecture I

  • Historic Introduction
  • Neutrinos in the SM
  • Neutrino Properties: Helicity versus Chirality, Majorana versus Dirac
  • Neutrino Mass Terms Beyond the SM: Dirac, Majorana, the See-Saw Mechanisms, Lepton Mixing
  • Probes of Neutrino Mass Scale

Lecture II

  • Neutrino Oscillations in Vacuum
  • Experimental Probes
    • Atmospheric Neutrinos
    • Accelerator Neutrinos at Long Baselines
    • Reactor Neutrinos
  • Solar Neutrinos
    • Flavour Transitions in Matter: MSW

Lecture III
  • Fitting all Together: The New Minimal Standard Model
  • Beyond the 3-nu paradigm
  • Some Implications

Valery Rubakov
   Cosmology and Dark Matter

Lecture I

  • Expanding Universe
  • Dark matter: evidence
  • WIMPs

Lecture II

  • WIMP search
  • Dark matter axions
    • Theory
    • Cosmology
    • Search
  • Fuzzy dark matter
  • Warm dark matter
    • Sterile neutrino
    • Gravitino
  • Dark matter summary

Lecture III

  • Baryon asymmetry of the Universe
    • Generalities.
    • Electroweak baryon number non-conservation
    • What can make electroweak mechanism work?
    • Leptogenesis and neutrino masses
  • Before the hot epoch

Veronica Sanz
     Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Lecture I

  1. Evidence (DM, Neutrinos, Baryogenesis & Inflation )
  2. Rationale (Example of Naturalness)
  3. Models for the Higgs and beyond (Supersymmetry & Composite Higgs)
  4. Looking ahead

Lecture II

Lecture III

Mikhail Vysotsky
    Flavour Physics and CP Violation

Lecture I + Lecture II + Lecture III

Giulia Zanderigh

Lecture I

Perturbative QCD as a tool for precision QCD at colliders

  • Introduction to QCD (or refresh your knowledge of QCD)
  • Basic concepts which appear over and over in different contexts
  • Understand the terminology
  • Recent developments in the field

Lecture II

In the following we will concentrate on the perturbative regime of QCD.
In particular, we’ll discuss generic properties of QCD amplitudes

  • Soft-collinear divergences (and how they are dealt with)
  • Kinoshita-Lee-Nauenberg theorem
  • The concept of infrared finiteness
  • Sterman Weinberg jets

Lecture III
LHC kinematics

Lecture IV
Monte Carlos

Korinna Zapp
Heavy-Ion Physics

Lecture I

go through dierent stages of heavy ion collisions
focus on soft particle production

Lecture II

  • hard processes
    • quarkonia
    • electroweak bosons
    • jets
  • small collision systems
  • other fun stuff with heavy ions

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