Летняя школа по адронной физике на коллайдерах

Yosef Nir (Weizmann Institute of Science)
Standard Model видео1, видео2, видео3
1. Symmetries
2. QCD
3. The leptonic SM
4. The Standard Model
5. The SM as an EFT
• EW precision measurements
• Flavor physics
• Neutrino masses
6. Summary

Kyle Cranmer
Lecture 1: Preliminaries
• Probability Density Function vs. Likelihood
• Point estimates (measurements) and maximum likelihood estimators
Part 2: Building a probability model
• Examples of different “narratives”
• A generic template for high energy physics
Lecture 2: Hypothesis testing
• The Neyman-Pearson lemma and the likelihood ratio
• Composite models and the profile likelihood ratio
• Review of ingredients for a hypothesis test
Lecture 3: Limits & Confidence Intervals
• The meaning of confidence intervals as inverted hypothesis tests
• LHC-style CLs
• Asymptotic properties of likelihood ratios
• Bayesian approach

Marumi Kado
Higgs Analysis
Lecture I
• Introduction : Elements of history
• Elements of SM Higgs theory
•  Precision EW tests
• The discovery of the Higgs boson
• An (early) experimental profile of the Higgs boson: The discovery channels
Lecture II
• An (early) experimental profile of the Higgs boson: Complex final states
• An (early) experimental profile of the Higgs boson: Combined measurements
• Rare decay modes
• Rare production modes
• The Higgs width
Lecture III
• Implications of the discovered state
• Search for BSM Higgs and extended sectors
• New trends
• Future Higgs programs

Neal Weiner (CCPP NYU)
Dark Matter

Peter Skands (Monash University)
QCD and Montecarlos

Alison Lister (University of Bri:sh Columbia)
Top physics

Martin Schmaltz (Boston U.)
BSM Theory

Jan Fiete Grosse-Oetringhaus (CERN)
Heavy Ions

Gerhard Raven
Trigger & DAQ

Werner Riegler
Detectors for the future

Tim Gershon (University of Warwick)
Heavy Flavour
Why is flavour physics interesting?
What do we know from the previous generation of experiments?
What do we hope to learn from current and future heavy flavour experiments?

Paris Sphicas (CERN & University of Athens)
Search for Physics Beyond the SM
Introduction: why new physics, the h(ierarchy)-problem
   NP Models & Signatures: resonant and non-resonant
   Lecture 1: non-SUSY solutions to the h-problem
• TeV-scale gravity
• Vector-Like Quarks (e.g. Little Higgs)
• New contact interactions
• Black Holes
• Dark Matter searches – mono-objects
   Lecture 2: Supersymmetry
• Inclusive searches and the near-end of the CMSSM
• SMS and the focus on the third generation, and EWKinos
   Stop, sbottom, charginos, neutralinos and friends
• Exotica; e.g. R-parity violating SUSY, Long-lived “stuff”
   What next & some parting thoughts

Frank Zimmermann
• a brief history of high-energy accelerators
• LHC basics and run 1 (2010-13)
• what has changed for run 2? - is it really a "new machine"?
• run 2 highlights & challenges
• planned upgrades – LIU and HL-LHC
• LHeC option
Boaz Klima (Fermilab)

20 Years of Top: The Discovery Story

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