Marco Delmastro (CNRS/IN2P3 LAPP)
A few things about particle accelerators
Particle interactions in particle detectors
Tutorial 1: kinematics, particle interaction and detector response
Systems used to identify and measure particle properties
Tutorial 2; analysis of classic experiments Classic experiment papers (zip)
Particle experiment design
Tutorial 3: analysis of Higgs discovery papers
Higgs discovery papers (zip) Higgs significance exercise (zip)
Detection of neutrinos (and other invisible particles)
Tutorial 4: analysis of neutrino experiments
Birth of neutrino astrophysics Exercises Observation of a neutrino burst from the Supernova
Johann Collot (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))
Interaction of particles with matter
Lecture 1
Tutorial 1
Lecture 2
Tutorial 2
Auguste Guillaume Besson (Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien (FR)), Jerome Baudot (Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien (FR))
Isabelle Wingerter (LAPP-CNRS)
ATLAS EM Calo Uniformity ATLAS-EM-Calo-resolution
Calo1 Calo2 Calo3
Dr. Helmut Vincke (CERN)
Prof. Francois Montanet (LPSC IN2P3/CNRS Univ. Grenoble)
Imaging & Cherenkov detectors
Dr. Alberto Ribon (CERN), Witold Pokorski (CERN)

Detector simulation
   Primary Particles
   User Actions

Joerg Wotschack (CERN)
Muon detection
Lection 1
Lection 2
Lection 3


Werner Riegler (CERN)
    Instrumentation (including Trigger/DAQ)

Peter Jenni
 (Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg (DE))
Experimental Facilities at the High Energy Frontier    

Werner Riegler

Pietro Govoni (CERN, Universita' ed INFN Milano-Bicocca)
    Data Analysis
    Анализ данных

Isabelle Wingerter (LAPP)

Isabelle Wingerter (LAPP-CNRS)
Instrumentation & Detectors ((Измерительные приборы и детекторы)

Gustaaf Brooijmans (Columbia University)
    The Road to Discovery. Experimental Search Methods
    Дорога к открытию. Экспериментальные методы поиска

Dr. Jamie Boyd (CERN)
    Triggers and data preparation (from raw data to physics)
    Тригеры и обработка данных (от исходных данных к физике)

Prof. Kevin Stenson (CERN)
    Tracking and Particle ID
    Идентификация треков и частиц

Dr. Ralph Assmann (CERN)
    Hadron Accelerators
    Адронные ускорители

Andrey Korytov (University of Florida)
Tracking and Muon Detectors
Mike Syphers (Michigan State)
Hadron Accelerators
Wesley Smith (University of Madison)
Trigger/DAQ and Data Processing
Rick Cavanaugh (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Particles Identification
Jimmy Proudfoot (Argonne)
Ashutosh Kotwal (Duke University)
Measuring the Mass of the W Boson
Tom LeCompte (Argonne)
How To Discover The Higgs
Johannes Albrecht (Technische Universitaet Dortmund)
Heavy flavour Experiment
video video
Geraldine Servant
Dark matter and Collider Physics
Patrizia Azzi (Universita e INFN (IT))
Data Preparation and Simulation
Mike Lamont (CERN)
The LHC machine - present and future
video video

Werner Riegler (CERN)
    Измерительная аппаратура

Ingrid-Maria Gregor (DESY)
Instrumentation and Detectors (Измерительные приборы и детекторы)
I. Detectors for Particle Physics
II. Interaction with Matter
III. Calorimeters
IV. Tracking Detectors
• Gas detectors
• Semiconductor trackers
V. Building an Experiment
VI. Challenges for Future Experiments
VII. And what can go wrong ....


Marumi Kado
Higgs Analysis
Lecture I
• Introduction : Elements of history
• Elements of SM Higgs theory
•  Precision EW tests
• The discovery of the Higgs boson
• An (early) experimental profile of the Higgs boson: The discovery channels
Lecture II
• An (early) experimental profile of the Higgs boson: Complex final states
• An (early) experimental profile of the Higgs boson: Combined measurements
• Rare decay modes
• Rare production modes
• The Higgs width
Lecture III
• Implications of the discovered state
• Search for BSM Higgs and extended sectors
• New trends
• Future Higgs programs
Gerhard Raven
Trigger & DAQ

Werner Riegler
Detectors for the future

Frank Zimmermann
a brief history of high-energy accelerators
• LHC basics and run 1 (2010-13)
• what has changed for run 2? - is it really a "new machine"?
• run 2 highlights & challenges
• planned upgrades – LIU and HL-LHC
• LHeC option

Mr. Stefan Hoeche (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)
QCD and Monte-Carlo Event Generators
• Recap and brief history of QCD
• Event structure at hadron colliders
• Perturbative QCD calculations
• Resummation and parton showers
• Matching fixed-order calculations and parton showers
• Non-factorizable terms and secondary interactions
• Hadronization & Particle decays

Dmitri Denisov
Future Particle Colliders
• Why colliders?
• Overview of colliders
• Future colliders options and challenges – e+e, µ+µ, pp colliders
• 100 TeV pp collider design
• Medium term future colliders proposals
• Next steps

D. Bortoletto
(University of Oxford)
• Fundamental issues in tracking
• Silicon detectors and their applications
• New ideas and developments for the HL-LHC

Prof. Chris Tully

Andreas Hoecker
LHC Run-2 and Future Prospects
• Basic introduction
• Overview of the LHC experimental programme and methods
• A review of Run-1 physics highlights
• The LHC Run-2, results obtained so far
• The LHC Run-2 and beyond, expectations
• Outlook to future projects

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