1. Electronics Standards and Definitions
  2. Basic Counting Systems (CANBERRA)
  3. Preamplifiers (ORTEC)
  4. Preamplifiers (CANBERRA)
  5. Аmplifiers (ORTEC)
  6. Amplifiers (CANBERRA)
  7. Digital Signal Processing (CANBERRA)
  8. Report of Workshop on "Digital Electronics for Nuclear Structure Physics", March 2-3, 2001, Argonne National Laboratory
  9. Single Channel Analyzers (SCAs) (CANBERRA)
  10. Single-Channel Pulse-Height Analyzers (ORTEC)
  11. Timing and Coincidence Counting  (CANBERRA)
  12. Principles and Applications of Timing Spectroscopy
  13. Fast-Timing Discriminators (ORTEC)
  14. T.J. Paulus. Timing Electronics and Fast Timing Methods with Scintillation Detectors
  15. D.A. Gedcke and C.W. Williams. High Resolution Time Spectroscopy with Scintillation Detectors
  16. D.A. Gedcke and W.J. McDonald. Design of the Constant Fraction of Pulse Height Trigger for Optimum Time Resolution
  17. Time-to-Amplitude Converters and Time Calibrator (ORTEC)
  18. CAMAC ADCs, Memories, and Associated Software (ORTEC)
  19.  Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) (CANBERRA)
  20. Neutron-Gamma Discrimination with Stilbene and Liquid Scintillators
  21. Dealing with Dead Time Distortion in a Time Digitizer


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