Bohr A., & Mottelson B. Nuclear Structure v. l. 1999. (pdf 28.4 МБ)
This monumental two-volume work presents a systematic discussion of the theoretical concepts employed in the description ot nuclear constitution, and summarizes the relevant empirical evidence concerning these concepts.
The many-dimensional relations between theory and experiment have led lo separation of the material into text, illustrative examples, and appendices The text contains a systematic development of the subject and up-to-date discussions of the present status of understanding of nuclear structure. The illustrative examples give detailed analyses of experimental results, which form the basis for the conclusions in the text. The appendices are included in order to make the book as self-contained as possible and accessible to readers without special experience in advanced quantum mechanics and nuclear theory. Among the topics treated in this manner are angular momentum algebra, creation operator formalism, permutation symmetry, and the analysis of electromagnetic, beta-decay, and nuclear reaction processes m terms of appropriate matrix elements
Volume I is devoted largely to single-particle motion Discussions also summarize the important symmetry features of nuclear systems; this represents a continuing theme throughout the book.

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