Jefferson Lab

D.S. Carman, K. Joo, V.I. Mokeev. Strong QCD Insights from Excited Nucleon Structure Studies
with CLAS and CLAS12

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The CEBAF large acceptance spectrometer (CLAS)

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V.I. Mokeev. New Baryon States from Exclusive Meson Photo- and Electroproduction

Volker D. Burkert, Craig D. Roberts.  Colloquium: Roper resonance: Toward a solution to the fifty year puzzle

Volker D. Burkert. Jefferson Lab at 12 GeV: The Science Program

V.I. Mokeev, V.D. Burkert, D.S. Carman, L. Elouadrhiri, G.V. Fedotov, E.N. Golovatch, R.W. Gothe, K. Hicks, B.S. Ishkhanov, E.L. Isupov, and Iu. Skorodumina.
New Results from the Studies of the N(1440)1/2+, N(1520)3/2, and ∆(1620)1/2 Resonances in Exclusive ep → e′p′π+π Electroproduction with the CLAS Detector

I.G. Aznauryan, A. Bashir, V.M. Braun, S.J. Brodsky, V.D. Burkert, L. Chang, Ch. Chen, B. El-Bennich, I. C. Cloët, P.L. Cole, R.G. Edwards, G.V. Fedotov, M.M. Giannini, R.W. Gothe, F. Gross, Huey-Wen Lin, P. Kroll, T.-S.H. Lee, W. Melnitchouk,
V.I. Mokeev, M.T. Peña, G. Ramalho, C.D. Roberts, E. Santopinto, G.F. de Teramond, K. Tsushima, and D.J. Wilson.
Studies of Nucleon Resonance Structure in Exclusive Meson Electroproduction

Victor I. Mokeev (for the CLAS Collaboration). Nucleon Resonance Structure from Exclusive Meson Electroproduction with CLAS

V.D. Burkert, L. Elouadrhiri & F.X. Girod. The pressure distribution inside the proton

QCD2019 Workshop Summary

E.Amaldi, S.Fubini, G.Furlan. Pion-Electroproduction. Electroproduction at Low Energy and Hadron Form Factors

CLAS12 Run Group K Jeopardy PAC48 Quark-Gluon Con nement & Strong QCD

Daniel S. Carman, Ralf W. Gothe, Victor I. Mokeev and Craig D. Roberts. Nucleon Resonance Electroexcitation Amplitudes and Emergent Hadron Mass