ЯДРО 2015

Слайды и тезисы докладов на пленарных заседаниях

S. Kamerdzhiev
On microscopic theory of radiative nuclear reaction characteristics
V. Bunakov
Quantum chaos in nuclear physics
G. Feofilov
Centrality and multiparticle production in ultrarelativistic nuclear collisions
S. Kadmensky
The Sequential Character of Low Energy Ternary and Quaternary Nuclear Fission
V. Aksenov
Russia neutron landscape
Yu. Penionzhkevich
Exotism of nuclei (pptx) (abstract)
V. Korenkov
Distributed computing and Big Data at JINR
D. Kamanin
Searching for new kind fission isomers in actinide nuclei
S. Khlebnikov
On the 75th anniversary of the discovery of spontaneous fission
Wong Cheuk-Yin
Annihilation of antinucleons with nucleons and nuclei
V. Manzari
The new inner tracking system of the ALICE experiment: physics, design and performance. (abstract)
A. Ogloblin
Excited nuclear states with abnormally radii (size isomers)
S. Kadmensky
The asymmetries with various P- and T-parity in the angular distributions of the products of binary and ternary fission of oriented nuclei by cold polarized neutrons and T-invariance
V. Goldberg
Mystery of 9He, exotic neutron rich light nuclei, and a way to study these through their isobar analog states
Yu. Tchuvil’sky
Quantitative charactristics of clustering in modern microscopic nuclear models
I. Gontchar
Systematic comparison of heavy-ion fusion barriers calculated within the framework of the double folding model using two versions of nucleon-nucleon interaction
V. Rubchenya
Prompt neutron characteristics in the spontaneous fission of heavy and superheavy nuclei
A. Severyukhin
Structure of 2+1,2 states in 132,134,136Te
A. Volya
Features of the nuclear many-body dynamics: from pairing to clustering
D. Artemenkov
Clustering features of light neutron-deficient nuclei in nuclear fragmentation
S. Shlomo
A novel method for determining the mean-field directly from the single particle matter density: Application to the measured charge density difference between the isotones 206Pb – 205Tl
M. Urin
Gamow-Teller resonances in the compound-nucleus 118Sb: puzzles of the Sarov’s experiment
A. Karpov
NRV Web knowledge base on low energy nuclear physics
Exotic Structures at the Neutron Drip Line and Stability of Neutron Matter (In the Memory of K. A. Gridnev)


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