Moscow, 19 25 August, 2009

Under the Patronage of the Rector
of the Moscow State University
Victor Sadovnichy

International Advisory Committee

E.Akhmedov (Max Plank, Heidelberg), S.Belayev (Kurchatov Inst., Moscow), V.Belokurov (MSU), V.Berezinsky (LNGS, Gran Sasso), S.Bilenky (JINR, Dubna), J.Bleimaier (Princeton), M.Danilov (ITEP, Moscow), G.Diambrini-Palazzi (Univ. of Rome), A.Dolgov (INFN, Ferrara & ITEP, Moscow), C.Giunti (INFN, Turin), V.Kadyshevsky (JINR, Dubna), A.Logunov (IHEP, Protvino), A.Masiero (INFN, Padua), V.Matveev (INR, Moscow), L.Okun (ITEP, Moscow), M.Panasyuk (MSU), V.Rubakov (INR, Moscow), D.Shirkov (JINR, Dubna), J.Silk (Univ. of Oxford), A.Sissakian (JINR, Dubna), A.Skrinsky (INP, Novosibirsk), A.Slavnov (MSU & Steklov Math. Inst.), A.Smirnov (ICTP, Trieste & INR, Moscow), P.Spillantini (INFN, Florence), A.Starobinsky (Landau Inst., Moscow), V.Trukhin (MSU)

Organizing Committee

V.Bagrov (Tomsk Univ.), V.Braginsky (MSU), A.Egorov (ICAS), D.Galtsov (MSU), A.Grigoriev (MSU) scientific secretary, S.Kapitza (EAPS), A.Kataev (INR, Moscow), A.Lokhov scientific secretary (MSU), O.Lunkova (ICAS), V.Mikhailin (MSU & ICAS), A.Mourao (IST/CENTRA, Lisbon), N.Narozhny (MEPHI, Moscow), N.Nikiforova (MSU), A.Nikishov (Lebedev Phys. Inst., Moscow), V.Ritus (Lebedev Phys. Inst., Moscow), M.Polyakova (ICAS), Yu.Popov (MSU), V.Savrin (MSU), A.Studenikin (MSU & ICAS) chairman.

Organizers and Sponsors

Federal Agency for Science and Innovations
Russian Foundation for Basic Research
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Institute for Nuclear Physics
The Dmitry Zimin Dynasty Foundation
Interregional Center for Advanced Studies

Programme of the 14th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics

/duration of talks includes 5 minutes for discussion/

19 August, Wednesday

09.00 09.15 Opening (Conference Hall)

A.Studenikin, MSU
V.Belokurov, Vice Rector of Moscow State University
A.Slavnov, Head of Department of Theoretical Physics, Faculty of Physics of MSU
V.Matveev, Director of Institute of Nuclear Research
A.Sisakian, Director of Joint Institute of Nuclear Research
M.Panasyuk, Director of Institute of Nuclear Physics of MSU

09.15 13.45 MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)

09.15 D.Shirkov (JINR) Remembering N.N.Bogoliubov, physicist and mathematician (15 min)

09.30 D.Shirkov (JINR) 60 years of broken symmetries in quantum physics (from the Bogoliubov theory of superfluidity to the Standard Model) (25 min)

09.55 P.Wells (CERN) Status of the ATLAS experiment (30 min)

10.25 B.Esposito (INFN-Frascati) Early physics with ATLAS at LHC (25 min)

10.50 A.Sisakian (JINR) The Nuclotron-based Ion Collider Facility (NICA): a new project of Dubna (25 min)

11.40 C.Biino (INFN-Turin) CMS: status and physics prospects (25 min)

12.05 M.Kruse (CDF & ATLAS, Duke Univ.) Can the Tevatron discover a Higgs boson (25 min)

12.30 W.Bonivento (INFN-Milan) Status and physics potential of the LHCb experiment (25 min)

12.55 W.Gradl (Univ. of Mainz) Recent results from BABAR (25 min)

13.20 A.Yu.Smirnov (ICTP & INR) Neutrinos: a phenomenological overview (25 min)

15.00 18.40 AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)

15.00 A.Dolgov (INFN-Ferrara & ITEP) Cosmic antimatter: models and phenomenology (25 min)

15.25 P.Picozza (Univ. of Rome-II) Cosmic ray studies with PAMELA (25 min)

15.50 G.Matthiae (Univ. of Rome-II) Results from the Auger Observatory (25 min)

16.15 M.Panasyuk (SINP MSU) Cosmic rays "many knees" problem for spaceborn experiments solutions (25 min)

17.00 A.Starobinsky (Landau Inst.) Present observational and theoretical status of dark energy (25 min)

17.25 R.Bernabei (INFN & Univ. of Rome-II) Dark matter particles in the galactic halo (25 min)

17.50 G.Hammond (SUPA, Univ. of Glasgow) Gravitational Wave Astronomy (25 min)

18.15 N.Krasnikov (INR) Unparticles and fields with variable distributed mass (25 min)

20 August, Thursday

09.00 13.35 MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)

09.00 V.Gavrin (INR) Solar neutrinos (25 min)

09.25 A.Bertolin (INFN-Padua) Neutrino physics with OPERA (25 min)

09.50 T.Nakaya (Kyoto Univ.) New results from the FNAL SciBooNE neutrino experiment (25 min)

10.15 J.Hartnell (Univ. of Sussex) Neutrino oscillations with MINOS (25 min)

10.40 M.Shibata (KEK) Status of the T2K experiment (25 min)

11.30 V.Aynutdinov (INR) Baikal Neutrino Experiment: from NT200 to NT1000 (25 min)

11.55 S.Sukhotin (RRC "Kurchatov Institute") The status of the Double-CHOOZ experiment (20 min)

12.15 N.Titov (INR) KATRIN Experiment preparation status - Systematic improvement (25 min)

12.40 A.Garfagnini (Univ. of Padua) Search for neutrinoless double beta decay of Ge-76 with the GERmanium Detector Array "GERDA" (20 min)

13.00 S. Di Domizio (INFN-Genova) Cuore: neutrinoless double beta decay with bolometers (15 min)

13.15 R.Dvornicky (Comenius Univ.) Endpoint spectra of tritium and rhenium beta decays for massive neutrinos (20 min)

15.00 19.20 AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)

15.00 L.Stodolsky (MPI Munich) On Practical Applications" of neutrinos (25 min)

15.25 C.Giunti (INFN-Turin) The GSI time anomaly: facts and fiction (25 min)

15.50 A.Studenikin (MSU) Electromagnetic interaction of neutrino (15 min)

16.05 C.Salvioni (Univ. of Insubria) Searching for neutrinoless double beta decay with the Cuore and Cuoricino experiments (20 min)

16.25 A.Borisov (MSU), A.Ali (DESY), D.Zhuridov (National Tsing Hua Univ.) Neutrinoless double beta decay: searching for new physics with comparison of different nuclei (15 min)

16.40 E.Litvinovich (RRC "Kurchatov Institute") Recent results of the Borexino experiment (20 min)

17.30 M.Circella (INFN-Bari) Neutrino telescopes in the deep sea (25 min)

17.55 D.Zaborov (ITEP) The ANTARES experiment in the Mediterranean sea: overview and first results (20 min)

18.15 O.Ryazhskaya (INR) On one group of experimental results related to the search for neutrino radiation from SN1987A: commentary (20 min)

18.35 M.Dvornikov (USM, Chile & IZMIRAN) Propagation of neutrinos in rapidly rotating neutron stars (15 min)

18.50 A.Okrugin (Yaroslavl State Univ.) Dirac-neutrino magnetic moment and the dynamics of a supernovae explosion (15 min)

19.05 K.Zhukovsky (MSU) Exponential form of the mixing matrix in the lepton sector of the SM (15 min)

21 August, Friday

09.00 13.45 MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)

09.00 C.Cecchi (Univ. of Perugian & INFN) The Fermi/LAT mission: scientific results from the first year (25 min)

09.25 A.Foerster (MPI-K Heidelberg) The Gamma-Ray Sky seen with H.E.S.S. (25 min)

09.50 A.Chekhtman (George Mason Univ.) FERMI electron results (20 min)

10.10 M.Pravdin (ICRA-SB-RAS) The cosmic ray spectrum at ultrahigh energies (20 min)

10.30 A.Panov (SINP MSU) Systematics and fine structure in the cosmic ray electron spectrum measured by ATIC (15 min)

10.45 D.Galtsov (MSU) No black holes at LHC (15 min)

11.30 N.Fornengo (Univ. of Turin & INFN - Turin) Advances in the exploration of particle dark matter signals (25 min)

11.55 V.Berezinsky (LNGS), V.Dokuchaev (INR), Y.Eroshenko (INR) Dark matter annihilation in the galaxy (15 min)

12.10 D.Gorbunov (INR) Minimal extension of the Standard Model of particle physics (20 min)

12.30 R.Cerulli (LNGS-INFN) New results on rare processes by DAMA at Gran Sasso (15 min)

12.45 O.Miranda (Cinvestav-Mexico) Constraining nonstandard neutrino interactions (20 min)

13.05 V.Semikoz (IZMIRAN) Neutrino asymmetry and growth of hypermagnetic fields in hot plasma of early Universe (15 min)

13.20 P. Di Bari (Univ. of Southampton) Leptogenesis (25 min)

15.00 19.00 AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)

15.00 S.Kulagin (INR) Nuclear effects in the searching of high-energy neutrino (15 min)

15.15 J-M.Levy (CNRS) Recent results of the NOMAD experiment (15 min)

15.30 D.Naumov (JINR) Precision measurements by NOMAD experiment (15 min)

15.45 A.Kataev (INR) The perturbative relation between pole and running masses of leptons and the hypothesis of "maximal transcendality" (15 min)

16.00 A.Nesterenko (JINR) Hadronic effects in low-energy QCD: Adler function and tau decay (15 min)

16.15 O.Teryaev (JINR) Axial anomaly and strange quarks (15 min)

16.30 M.Tokarev (JINR) Self-similarity of jet production and QCD (15 min)

16.45 M.Osipenko (SINP MSU & INFN-Genoa) Semi-inclusive production of charged pions with CLAS (15 min)

17.00 D.Peshekhonov (JINR) Helicity quark distributions from DIS and SIDIS measured in COMPASS (15 min)

17.40 B.Brzozowska (Univ. of Warsaw) Scaled momentum spectra in the current region of the Breit frame at HERA (15 min)

17.55 V.Braguta (IHEP) ηb J/ψ J/ψ decay within light cone formalism (10 min)

18.05 B.Mangazeev (Irkutsk State Univ.) Electromagnetic structure functions of nucleons in the region of very small x (10 min)

18.15 L.Laperashvili (ITEP) New bound states of heavy quarks at LHC and TEVATRON (15 min)

18.30 M.Nekrasov (IHEP) Unstable-particles pair production in MPT approach in NNLO (10 min)

18.40 V.Kuksa (Southern Federal Univ.) Bozon-pair production in the model of unstable particles (10 min)

18.50 V.Beylin (Southern Federal Univ.) Radiative and hadronic decays of vector mesons in the gauge model of quark-meson interactions (10 min)

22 August, Saturday

09.00 13.35 MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)

09.00 F.Ricci (Univ. of Rome-I) Present and future of the VIRGO gravitational wave experiment (25 min)

09.25 A.Zakharov (ITEP) Gravitational lensing: from micro to nano (20 min)

09.45 A.Burinskii (Nuclear Safety Inst.) Holographic structure of the Kerr-Schild black-holes, beamlike excitations and fluctuating horizon (20 min)

10.05 A.L.Smirnov (INR) On the global geometry of Brane Universe models (15 min)

10.20 A.Starinets (Oxford Univ.) Transport coefficients in strongly interacting quantum field theories from gauge-gravity duality (20 min)

10.40 M.Passera (INFN-Padua) Review on G-2 of charge leptons (25 min)

11.30 D.Kazakov (JINR) Infrared-finite observables in N=4 SYM theory (20 min)

11.50 K.Stepanyantz (MSU) Revealing structure of quantum corrections in N=1 supersymmetric theories using the Schwinger-Dyson equations (15 min)

12.05 S.Demidov (INR) Production of kink-antikink pair in collisions of high energy particles (15 min)

12.20 D.Kirpichnikov (INR) Quasilocalization in high-energy collisions (15 min)

12.35 D.Levkov (INR) Long quantum transitions due to unstable semiclassical dynamics (15 min)

12.50 T.Rashba (MPI Munich) Search for axion-like particles in astrophysical observations (20 min)

13.10 N.Mankoc (Univ. of Ljubljana) Is the fifth family, predicted by the approach unifying spins and charges, the candidate for forming the dark matter clusters? (25 min)

15.00 18.15 AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)

15.00 A.Bakulev (JINR) Fractional analytic perturbation theory (20 min)

15.20 M.Katanaev (Steklov Math.Inst.) Geometric theory of defects in solids (20 min)

15.40 K.Urbanowski (Univ. of Zielona Gora) Energy of unstable states at long times (20 min)

16.00 I.Royzen (Lebedev Inst.) QCD against black holes? (15 min)

16.40 A.Nikishov (Lebedev Inst.) Atoms as rods and clocks in a gravitational field (10 min)

16.50 O.Kharlanov (MSU), V.Zhukovsky (MSU) Casimir effect within (3+1)D Maxwell-Chern-Simons electrodynamics (15 min)

17.05 M.Fil'chenkov (Inst. of Gravitation and Cosmology) Nonhydrogen-like graviatom radiation (15 min)

17.20 E.Nemchenko (Tomsk State Univ.) Radiation of force-momentum from relativistic charged particles (15 min)

17.35 O.Konctantinova (Tomsk State Univ.) Angular momentum of spin light (15 min)

17.50 H.Yamamoto (Tohoku Univ.) Recent physics results from Belle (25 min)

24 August, Monday

09.00 13.35 MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)

09.00 A. De Santis (INFN-Rome) Recent KLOE results (25 min)

09.25 S.Serednyakov (INP Novosibirsk) ISR physics at BABAR (20 min)

09.45 P.Patel (McGill Univ.) Bottomonium spectroscopy at BABAR (20 min)

10.05 Yu.Kolomensky (UC Berkeley & LBNL) Search for exotics in bottomonium decay with BABAR (20 min)

10.25 M.Sigamani (Univ. of London) Semileptonic B decays at BABAR (20 min)

10.45 M.Giorgi (Univ. of Pisa) Search for lepton flavor violation in tau decays with BABAR (20 min)

11.40 H.Fisk (Fermilab) CP violation and mixing in b-decays (20 min)

12.00 A.Askew (Rutgers Univ.) Recent electroweak measurements at the TEVATRON (20 min)

12.20 N.Serra (NIKHEF) Prospects for rare B-decays at LHCb (20 min)

12.40 T.du Pree (NIKHEF) Prospects for CP Violation Studies at LHCb (20 min)

13.00 V.Palladino (INFN & Univ. of Naples) Searches for new physics at NA62 (15 min)

13.15 C.Biino (INFN-Turin) QCD tests with kaon decays (20 min)

15.00 18.40 AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)

15.00 D.Pallin (CNRS/IN2P3) Top physics with the ATLAS detector at LHC (20 min)

15.20 S.Eckweiler (University of Mainz) QCD studies at LHC with the ATLAS detector (20 min)

15.40 C.Weiser (Univ. of Freiburg) ATLAS discovery potential of the SM Higgs (20 min)

16.00 M.Biglietti (Univ. & INFN - Rome-I) SUSY searches with ATLAS at LHC (20 min)

16.20 D.Krofcheck (Univ. of Auckland) Signatures of AdS/CFT using the CMS experiment at the LHC (15 min)

16.35 N.Ilina (ITEP) Study of jet transverse structure with CMS experiment at 10 TeV (15 min)

16.50 S.Petrushanko (SINP MSU) Elliptic flow studies in heavy-ion collisions using the CMS detector at LHC (15 min)

17.05 L.Sarycheva (MSU) Ion physics in CMS experiment at LHC (15 min)

17.40 S.Senyukov (University of Eastern Piedmont, INFN Turin) Open charm study in ALICE at the LHC (20 min)

18.00 S.Bitykov (IHEP) Systematic uncertainties in experiments at LHC (15 min)

18.15 E.Shabalin (ITEP) How the interaction of pi-mesons in the final state changes a correlation between K-2pi and K-3pi amplitudes (15 min)

18.30 O.Pavlovsky (MSU-ITPM) Is multiple t-quarks bound states possible due to Higgs exchange? (10 min)

25 August, Tuesday

09.00 13.25 MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)

09.00 U.Schneekloth (DESY) Electroweak Physics and Searches for New Physics at HERA (25 min)

09.25 V.Chekelian (MPI Munich) Proton structure measurements at HERA (20 min)

09.45 A.Shchukin (IHEP) Searches for physics beyond standard model (25 min)

10.10 E.Varnes (Univ. of Arizona) Testing the Standard Model with top quarks (25 min)

10.35 M.Vysotsky (ITEP) Bounds on new light particles from high-energy and very small momentum transfer np elastic scattering data (20 min)

10.55 V.Skvortsov (MIPT-Moscow), N.Vogel (Univ. of Tech.- Chemnitz) The bundle for memory from an exotic quasi particles (15 min)

11.50 M.Polikarpov (ITEP) Chiral symmetry breaking and Chiral Magnetic Effect in QCD with strong magnetic field (25 min)

12.15 E.Ros (IFIC-Valencia) Searches for physics beyond the SM at LHC with the ATLAS detector (20 min)

12.35 S.Shmatov (JINR) Physics with Extra Dimensions at the CMS (25 min)


"The Year of Astronomy:
Astroparticle Physics and Frontiers of the Universe"

15.00 L.Stodolsky (MPI Munich) The Year of Astronomy and the heritage of Galilei (25 min)

15.25 A.Kappes (Univ. of Erlangen) High-energy neutrinos from Galactic sources (25 min)

15.50 P.Spillantini (INFN-Florence) Radiation exposure and mission strategies for interplanetary manned missions and interplanetary habitats (25 min)


"Intelligentsia and World Crisis"

17.00 S.Kapitza (Inst.of Phys.Problems, RAS) Demography and the origin of crisis (25 min)

17.25 J.Bleimaier (Princeton) Governance and the international crisis (25 min)


I.Balantsev (MSU) Massive neutrino in rotating media: new neutrino trapping mechanism in neutron stars

V.Bordovitsyn, O.Konctantinova (Tomsk State Univ.) Angular momentum of spin light

V.Bordovitsyn, E.Nemchenko (Tomsk State University) Radiation of force-momentum from relativistic charged particles

V.Boyarkin (INR), O.Ryazhskaya (INR) Sodium Chloride as a Target for Supernovae Neutrinos

V.Bytev (JINR) Differential reduction of generalized hypergeometric functions in application to Feynman diagrams

K.Heeger (Univ. of Wisconsin) Reactor neutrino experiments: recent results and future prospects

A.Khmialeuski (Joint Inst. for Power and Nucl.Research, Turov) Scaling behavior of factorial moments of the multiplicity difference and phase transition QGP to hadrons

A.Lokhov (MSU) Radiative neutrino decay in dense matter

A.Mikhailov (MSU) Vacuumless defects in the Randall-Sundrum models

I.Narodetskiy (ITEP), Yu.Simonov (ITEP), and A.Veselov (ITEP) Diquark and triquark correlations in the deconfined phase of QCD

A.Okrugin (Yaroslavl State Univ.) Reexamination of a bound on the dirac neutrino magnetic moment from the supernova neutrino luminosity

E.Prokopiev (ITEP) Opportunities of positron diagnostics for research of dust space plasma

E.Shevtsova (MSU) Two-loop Gell-Mann-Low function for general renormalizable N=1 supersymmetric theory, regularized by higher derivatives

Yu.Voronina (ITPM-MSU) Casimir pressure regularization and renormalization in two-dimensional scalar field model

M.Ulybyshev (MSU) Casimir effect calculations within the formalism of lattice quantum field theory